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About Me

My passion, my niche in life.

My Story

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1978 and married the same year.
My journey began on the local craft show circuit in a
 cottage industry doing crafts with my hand sewn soft sculptures in the 1980's. As my family grew, I grew out of the home and took a job learning how to mount military medals and operate commercial embroidery machines. As the years went by technology grew and so did I. I started my own embroidery business in April 2004. Though I now use large commercial machines rather than doing embroidery by hand, I strive to do even the simplest design or logo with the same meticulous care and creative flair.

The Misson

I strive to do the simplest design or logo

with meticulous care and creative flair.

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