All embroidery images by Wendy Lowe 

Endless Possibilities

Elegant Professionalism

Embroidery allows you to showcase your business with a sophisticated ease and professionalism.


Personalizing garments with your logo or your monogram brings back the stylish elegance of the past with the ambition for the future. 

Endless possibilities are available for personalized embroidery. Anything from tote bags, bath towels, polo-shirts, jackets, blankets, ball caps and more.  

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About Me

My passion, my niche in life.

My Story

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, I moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia in 1978 and married the same year.
My journey began on the local craft show circuit in a
 cottage industry doing crafts with my hand sewn soft sculptures in the 1980's. As my family grew, I grew out of the home and took a job learning how to mount military medals and operate commercial embroidery machines. As the years went by technology grew and so did I. I started my own embroidery business in April 2004. Though I now use large commercial machines rather than doing embroidery by hand, I strive to do even the simplest design or logo with the same meticulous care and creative flair.

The Misson

I strive to do the simplest design or logo

with meticulous care and creative flair.