All embroidery images by Wendy Lowe 

Endless Possibilities

Elegant Professionalism

Embroidery allows you to showcase your business with a sophisticated ease and professionalism.


Personalizing garments with your logo or your monogram brings back the stylish elegance of the past with the ambition for the future. 

Endless possibilities are available for personalized embroidery. Anything from tote bags, bath towels, polo-shirts, jackets, blankets, ball caps and more.  

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Custom Personalization

Monograms, Names, Custom Logos

One-of-a-kind Designs

Break away from the pack and let us help you find a way to show your individual personality with your baby gift,
wedding present, Christmas surprise, or team/school uniform. 

Choosing the right font is critical when trying to showcase your name or logo. Should it be bold block print or fancy decorative script? Should it be on a patch or directly on the shirt? Should your school team use a stock design or should you have an original logo created? 

Look at the galleries below to see what we offer.

Font Choices

If your shirt is seen 10 times a day

and the shirt lasts for one year,

then your message will be seen 2500 times,

(10x5x50) during its life. 


If you pay $25.00

for the shirt then

the cost per visual “hit”

is only $ .01

Monogram on Tote Bag

Great gift ideas for Birthdays and Graduations.